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Find out about the new build and stay up to date with the latest information below.

Narrowcliff Surgery & Newquay Health Centre are intending to move to new replacement premises

What would the new building mean for patients?

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Modern facilities

GP Tele consult room

Minor surgery and treatment rooms

Space to work alongside

other services and local organisations

Dedicated staff

training space

Privacy, dignity and access for all


Update: October 23

Following the public consultation in April 2022, Assura submitted an application to the Cornwall Integrated Care Board (ICB) to secure NHS funding approval and remain in discussions with all parties to progress the project.

What is being proposed?

A new, state-of-the-art medical centre to replace the premises at Newquay Health Centre and Narrowcliff Surgery, co-locating both practices under one roof. The building will provide purpose-built accommodation for the GPs and staff, future-proofing the practices for the long-term benefit of all patients.

Why do Narrowcliff Surgery & Newquay Health Centre need new premises?

The practice’s existing surgeries are outdated, undersized and fall well below modern healthcare premises standards. The existing buildings act as a significant constraint on the Practices, limiting the number and range of services GPs can provide for patients.
There is not enough space for consultations or primary care staff, and car parking is limited. The team has to work with irregular consulting room layouts, narrow corridors, low beams and steps, which create inefficiencies and do not meet the accessibility requirements for patients with disabilities.
The new building will create the purpose-built space needed for additional GP appointments and to facilitate the integration of new and enhanced services – designed to comply with all of the latest standards and to be fully accessible.

The two surgeries have a combined patient list of 31,407, with a projected future patient list of 40,000.

The new premises will provide adequate surgery accommodation to meet the challenge of imminent population growth.

You can view and download the proposed plans below.

Community Fund

The Assura Community Fund


Through its national community fund, Assura – the appointed developer for the scheme - offers small grants to health-improving charity projects in the communities around all new medical centres that it builds. It means that a local health project in Newquay can benefit from a grant, and this will be explored with local organisations as the proposed scheme moves ahead.


Click here to suggest a local project you think should be invited to apply.  

  • What does the proposed new accommodation include?
    Please see the plans for further details. In short, the facility will provide circa 2640m2 of purpose-built accommodation including 24 consulting rooms, 20 treatment rooms, training rooms, meeting and administration facilities and the potential for an on-site pharmacy plus secondary care health services. It has been designed to be extended in a number of areas to allow for long-term flexibility and additional consulting rooms. There will be c100 car parking spaces including disabled access spaces and an ambulance bay plus ten secure and covered cycle spaces. A bespoke, technology-led design will focus on the waiting room to further improve the experience for the patients. There is also scope for future expansion.
  • Where is it going to be?
    The new medical centre will be located off Trevenson road, to the Western edge of Nansledan and opposite the Canteen at the Orchard.
  • Why was this site chosen?
    The preference has always been to relocate both practices to a town centre site however following an extensive site search, no land has been identified as suitable, available or affordable in the centre of Newquay. The proposed site at Nansledan is situated just 1.2 miles from the town centre and provides the land take required to accommodate a state of the art health hub with space to expand in the future. The site is also available, affordable and located in area with high population growth.
  • Why not just extend and improve the existing buildings?
    Newquay Health Centre and Narrowcliff Surgery will soon no longer be fit for purpose. An undeveloped site, three-times larger than the current ones is needed for a new build. Unfortunately, the quality, configuration and design of the existing buildings do not allow for them to be easily extended in a sufficient, cost effective manner and complement its surroundings. A number of enhancements to access, pandemic resilience, digital infrastructure and green technology are needed and the existing surgery sites do not have that capacity to accommodate this. The proposed site will enable us to deliver one of the most energy efficient primary care buildings in the UK.
  • Who are Assura?
    Assura is a primary care property specialist based in Altrincham. Assura has been appointed as the developer of the new building and will be the practice’s long-term property partner, leasing the building to the GPs via a long-term arrangement independently assessed as being value for money to the NHS. Assura has been operating for over 20 years and has developed many new surgery builds around the country, as well as improving primary care facilities and extending existing GP surgery buildings. Assura currently looks after just over 600 primary care and GP surgery buildings across the UK.
  • How is this all being decided?
    NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has supported the need for the project for many years and a final decision to provide CCG funding (i.e. for future rent reimbursement to the GPs) will be made following the submission of a Full Business Case. The project is in line with the NHS Kernow CCG estates strategy, which seeks to “co-locate services and promote integration, particularly for out of hospital care for patients”. The national NHS Long Term Plan has a core aim to improve access to primary care and deliver care closer to home.
  • How will I get to the new surgery?
    The new building will have c100 car parking spaces available for use by patients and staff. There is a bus stop within 250m of the proposed medical centre, served by bus route 85. Assura, the GPs and PPG are looking into the possibilities of an enhanced bus service (utilising existing stops and routes etc). The Practices will seek to promote alternative modes of transport, including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • How have patients and the public been consulted and updated?
    A public engagement event took place in April 2022.
  • Will the building be ‘green’ and environmentally friendly?
    It will be a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainable development, which is designed and built to be ultra-energy efficient. The design will incorporate ‘green technology’ and sustainable materials (such as PV panels) to minimise its carbon footprint and complement its surroundings.
  • What benefits will the new premises bring?
    Secures the long-term future of the practices Provides accommodation for more GPs, nurses, trainees and other healthcare professionals State-of-the-art facilities with capacity for further expansion Accessible location with a large staff and patient car park More flexibility for patient appointments Larger, fully-equipped consulting and treatment rooms Spacious waiting area, more toilets and baby change facilities Improved patient confidentiality Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable An improved working environment for all clinicians and practice staff Will foster a more efficient service for patients
  • Would I need to register as a patient again?
    No – all current patients would automatically move with the practice to the new building, and there’s nothing that patients need to do. The practice will keep all patients informed on progress of the proposed new building through its patient group, website, social media channels and local outlets.
  • What’s going to happen to the practice’s existing premises?
    The surgeries existing buildings will close and cease to be GP premises once the practices move to the new site.
  • How can I get involved going forward?
    The practices have Patient Participation Groups with members who can provide feedback on the new building and services. The practice will be working with the group to consult, gather views and involve them in the development of the proposal. The practice and Assura will also engage proactively with the local community.
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